PopMan 1.3.1 released

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PopMan 1.3.1 released

Post by Christian »


(+) Messages can be protected from being deleted inadvertently using the context menu (or Ctrl+T) (thanks to Peter Boulton)
(+) New rule action "Protect" (thanks to Peter Boulton)
(+) New notification option to limit notification to protected messages (thanks to Peter Boulton)
(+) New IMAP4 parameter "FastMode" to increase speed for some IMAP4 servers (enabled by default)
(-) Fixed crash when aborting mail refresh of IMAP4 accounts
(-) Fixed crash on startup when using IMAP4 accounts
(-) Extract invalid HTML Links from HTML messages
(-) Accept invalid UTF-8 encoded text in mail source
(+) New setting "MultiLineTabs" can be used to specify multiline account tab arrangement
(+) Import mail account settings from Microsoft Windows Mail
(-) The new and unread state of mails from different accounts with same server and user name are not saved correctly
Christian Hübner
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Post by Cadillakin »

Hi Christian..

Just a note to thank you for your continuing efforts.

Thank you! Popman is outstanding.
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Post by CyGho »

Nice update :) And Imap Fastmode is really faster.

New setting "MultiLineTabs" though is only accessible in the ini file. I couldn't find in Options.
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Post by Tommy »

PopMan kicks ass!!!
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