bug found and swatted

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bug found and swatted

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As I wrote to Christian (thank you, in several ways but also for the invitation here):
"..There is/seems to be, something with the manual (vertical) scrollbar..in the messages list
Using the mousewheel for scrolling works perfect. but manualy using the mouse to move the vertical scrollbar indicator...hmm, does not work sometimes.."

Swatting implied taking care that no message extended underneath the right vertical scrollbar.
I have put a screenshot visualy explaining the swatting at:
http://members.home.nl/rouweler/popman_ ... beta15.jpg
Resizing one or several of the columns: from, subject, size, to, received and/or account did the trick, as long as the complete message stays away from the right vertical scrollbar everything works exactly as it used to.
Happy reproducing and swatting.
Greetings from Groningen
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