Allow Moving of the "delete junk" Button in Toolbar

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Allow Moving of the "delete junk" Button in Toolbar

Post by jasinwa »

I've done this multiple times, so thought I'd report it as an enhancement request....

The "empty trash" button is too close the the other toolbar buttons. Occasionally, I've clicked that button instead of the "delete" button for the email I'm actually reading and want to delete...before I got to see what's in the "junk". It's a large slightly shaded button that may draw you to it subconsciously when wanting to delete a specific email.

At minimum, I'd like the option to space it away (further right) from the other buttons....

At best, allow the toolbar to be completely user customizable. For example, in my email program, the delete email button I placed at the far right side of the buttons (that explains my propensity to want to click the delete junk button!). I don't need some of the buttons, others like it in a different spot...etc.

Hope that makes sense. Thanks.
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