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1.3 Change Log
 (+) New feature
 (*) Changed feature
 (-) Bug fixed

 1.3.12  2022-03-06

 (*) Better decoding of attachment names (RFC 2231)
 (*) Improved decoding of HTML entities (e.g. µ)
 (*) Increase font size in About dialog, MessageView and Trash button
 (*) Remove version from main window title, i.e. "PopMan" instead of "PopMan 1.3"
 (*) Update Italian.lng (thanks to Claudio)
 (*) Improved installer (thanks to Claudio)
 (*) Improved link extraction from HTML message content
 (*) HTML parsing: Remove unnecessary whitespaces from the beginning of a line
 (-) Saving some settings (e.g. column width) did not work when rebooting Windows

 1.3.11  2022-01-23

 (+) Added support for GBK:
 (*) More robust parsing of encoded mail properties 
 (*) More robust UTF-8 decoding
 (-) Improved link extraction from HTML message content (decoding of & sign)
 (*) Properly decode non-breaking space from HTML message content

 1.3.10  2021-10-30
 (-) Fix parsing of malformed mail properties
 (*) Updated translations for Dutch 
 (+) New translation for Bulgarian

 1.3.9  2020-12-15
 (*) Show From address in addition to From text in message header
 (+) Remember file extension for single file SaveAs
 (-) Fix mail parsing
 (*) Use "HTML" in rules to refer to the raw HTML content of a mail 
 (*) Updated translations for French, Dutch, Spanish, Lithuanian
 (+) New translation for Catalan
 (+) New theme Material
 1.3.8  2019-05-13
 (*) Improved parsing of long attachment names
 (*) Improved parsing of UTF-8 encoded message properties
 (-) Pressing Return key in warning dialog opens message window
 (-) Loading large amounts of messages (> ~2000) will crash PopMan and reset MailCache.dat
 (-) Logging of rules does not include rule actions
 (+) Show explanation of rule match as tooltip in Rule column
 1.3.7  2019-05-03
 (+) New protocol "POP3 TLS" for secure POP3 access
 (*) Pressing the Return key in the message list opens the selected message
 (*) Improved parsing of message content
 (-) Fixed character encoding when saving a message to .eml or .txt file
 1.3.6  2019-04-28
 (-) Fixed decoding of attachments
 (*) Improved reliability of opening attachments in PopMan
 1.3.5  2019-03-10
 (-) Fixed crash when converting HTML message to text
 1.3.4  2018-11-17
 (-) Fixed decoding of messages with 8bit content-transfer-encoding
 (+) Add full support for codepage ISO 8859-15
 1.3.3  2018-11-04
 (-) Restored support for Windows XP
 (*) Updated help file: Windows XP is oldest supported operating system
 (*) Option to disable check for updates in About dialog
 (*) Store settings in PopMan.ini file in deterministic order (lexicographically) 
 1.3.2  2018-10-31
 (+) Proper Unicode support
 (+) "Mark As Seen On Server" for setting the 'Seen' flag on IMAP4 mail server
 (*) Display the HTML part of a message instead of the text part if available
 (*) Improved HTML to text decoding
 (*) Removed auto update feature
 (-) Fixed received date parsing problem when date is split over multiple lines 
 (-) Fixed random crash when deleting many messages at once
 1.3.1  2010-04-12

 (+) Messages can be protected from being deleted inadvertently using the context menu (or Ctrl+T) (thanks to Peter Boulton)
 (+) New rule action "Protect" (thanks to Peter Boulton)
 (+) New notification option to limit notification to protected messages (thanks to Peter Boulton)
 (+) New IMAP4 parameter "FastMode" to increase speed for some IMAP4 servers (enabled by default)
 (-) Fixed crash when aborting mail refresh of IMAP4 accounts
 (-) Fixed crash on startup when using IMAP4 accounts
 (-) Extract invalid HTML Links from HTML messages
 (-) Accept invalid UTF-8 encoded text in mail source
 (+) New setting "MultiLineTabs" can be used to specify multiline account tab arrangement
 (+) Import mail account settings from Microsoft Windows Mail
 (-) The new and unread state of mails from different accounts with same server and user name are not saved correctly


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