High CPU load seems to make PopMan stop updating tray icon

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High CPU load seems to make PopMan stop updating tray icon

Post by BradC » 08 Mar 2004, 21:43

I use PopMan at home and at work with the same settings (same ini file). At work the tray icon stays up to date all the time. At home I play a game that I run at "Very High" priority which almost constantly maxes out my CPU. After playing the game for any length of time PopMan will stop updating it's tray icon until I restart it.

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Post by Christian » 10 Mar 2004, 10:52

What version of Windows do you use at home?
Do you have to play the game with "Very High" priority to cause the decribed problem?
Are there other programs with heavy CPU load that cause the problem?
Christian Hübner


Post by Guest » 11 Mar 2004, 22:57

I seem sometimes to have a similar problem. It's not that I'm using lots of CPU before PopMan starts--but when PopMan does come on, it seems to demand all the CPU, and still hang before it has downloaded all the mail. I'm using PM 1.2.1 and Windows XP Professional.

Any thoughts?


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Post by BradC » 08 Apr 2004, 22:48

I use Windows 2000 at home and at work. I've never seen the problem without running the game at higher than normal priority and at work I do max out the CPU with compiling C++/Java quite often.


Post by Guest » 18 May 2004, 21:45

have the same problem (running popman 1.2.1 and windows xpsp1).
popman doesn't update the mailcount in the trayicon.

jose fernandes

Post by jose fernandes » 05 Jun 2004, 01:01

Hi, :)
I have this problem also related to gaming. when i play NFSUnderground, every time PopMan updates the e-mail accounts (i have two), i'm send back to Windows screen. The game neither freezes or shuts down, it continues playing background so, i have do quit PopMan while i'm playing. Do you know why this happens?

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