Annoyance with "double click delay on click"

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Annoyance with "double click delay on click"

Post by jasinwa »

I use 98SE, if that matters.....all updated, etc.

I have set the following tray mouse actions in popman:

1. Left click = toggle window
2. Double click = check mail

I also need to set "double click delay on click" because if I don't, then each time I try to double click to check mail, the main window appears.

Using the "double click delay on click" then stops that from occurring as it should - however then on occasion, I will left click to toggle the window ON and it won't appear until I click a second time.....

I think it's timing....I use older pc's (if it matters) in the P3-600/Athlon800 range and it happens to both PC's...
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