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Themes HowTo

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A PopMan theme is a set of icons/cursors that replace the built-in images, e.g. in the tray or toolbar.

Each theme is located in a subfolder of the PopMan Themes folder.

If you want to create a new theme:

- Create the Themes subfolder in the PopMan folder, if it not already exists
- In the Themes folder, create a new folder and name it like your theme
- Copy the default PopMan image files to this folder and edit them with an image editor
- The file toolbar.bmp contains all icons of the toolbar side-by-side, note that you can use any-size icons here (not just 16x15 pixel)

You can switch the theme in PopMan using the main menu "Tools > Themes > Your theme name".

If you are done, consider posting a new topic in this forum to make your theme available for other users.

Happy theming...
Christian Hübner
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