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PopMan 1.3 Beta 18 released

Posted: 28 Apr 2008, 01:29
by Christian
(-) When launching email client the new mail state and flashing keyboard light is not always reset
(-) Modified the handling of domains in White/Black list to correctly work with subdomains
(-) Number of messages in empty trash button is incorrect when marked messages have been removed from server
(*) Don't immediately auto check after system resumed from standby
(*) Reset the new mail state when clicking any button on the "new mail" notification window
(*) Show error message when a protocol plugin could not be loaded and don't delete associated accounts
(*) New mail tip is only closed when clicking a button or an email entry
(+) Added Japanese translation (thanks to Nardog)
(+) Shift+Escape hides PopMan main window to tray
(+) Home and End keys now work in the message view (scroll to the beginning/end of the message text)
(+) New rules action "PrependSubject(text)" that adds text to the front of the mail subject (thanks to Simon Hyland)
(+) Third party software can retrieve the number of minutes since last successful check time (thanks to Simon Hyland)

Posted: 07 May 2008, 20:07
by Jeroen

What is keeping you from releasing this one as 1.3? Popman is in beta for almost four years now .. :shock:

Posted: 07 May 2008, 20:34
by Christian
I'm working on the 1.3 final release right now. :)