PopMan 1.3 Beta 16 released

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PopMan 1.3 Beta 16 released

Post by Christian » 15 Oct 2007, 22:10

(+) Added WhiteList (white listed mails are not affected by BlackList and by the rules actions: Delete, MarkForDelete, NotNew and Read)
(+) Added "Mute Mode" item to tray context menu
(-) Some emails with its sender on the BlackList are not deleted
(-) Selection of a previous selected mail in list view may not be removed when pressing the "Show" button of the new mail tip
(-) Links in text view are opened with IE instead of default browser on Windows Vista
(+) New tab context menu items to mark all messages read/unread
(+) New rules action "PlaySingleSound" that plays a sound file only if no other sound has been played before
(*) No new mail notification sound is played if a sound has been played by a rule
(+) New setting "RulesFileName" can be used to change the name of the rules file, e.g. to give it a certain extension (useful for syntax highlighting)
(+) New setting "NewTipDuration" can be used to change the number of seconds the new mail tip is show (default 30s)
(+) New setting "MarkBlackListedMail" can be used to specify that black listed mails are not deleted but marked for delete
Christian Hübner

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Post by tengvilla » 16 Oct 2007, 04:57

Hi Christian,

With your addition of "White List" and regular expression "regex:" in Popman, I think this is the best POP3/IMAP Manager in Internet. I bet users and readers of this great App will agree. For secure incoming e-mail not being deleted by adding your address book list in the "White List" and a good Rules.txt using "regex:" will mostly eliminate spammers.

Although, it took me sometime to figure out using "regex:", and with the help of the "White List" really help my Rules.txt solidly in place one step ahead of spammers.

BTW, with your addition of "regex:" in Popman rules, it eliminate a lot of duplicates I had on my previous Rules.txt.

I guess Tammy and Redder will be happy with this implementations.

Again, congratulations, and I salute my mentor, Christian, for improving Popman Application.

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