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PopMan 1.3 Beta 12 released

Posted: 22 Apr 2006, 03:46
by Christian
(*) Modified the way how the unread/new state of the messages is remembered
(*) When you close the new mail notification window, the new mail state is reset
(*) IMAP4 plugin: blocking network operations can be aborted
(-) IMAP4 plugin is unable to timeout
(-) IMAP4 plugin will only load the first 20 emails
(-) Tray icon freezes under certain unreproducible conditions
(-) Toolbar button height changes when resuming from standby on Windows XP
(-) Lines beginning with a period are not decoded properly with standard POP3 accounts
(+) New default account option: "Use UIDL when deleting mail" to cope with "Mail not found" problem
(+) New default option: "Delete command marks message for deletion"
(+) Rules feature allows to react on messages based on key words found/not found in the subject or message body

Posted: 22 Apr 2006, 10:12
by Tommy
great new features thanks :P

Posted: 23 Apr 2006, 10:07
by Jeroen
Getting better by every release! The rules-options are great! I think they may be a little too difficult to set up for inexperienced users, but they're great for the more "hardcore" user. I even think PopMan may have reached the point that you could ask a little money for it, for example €5. I know, there are a lot of good freeware alternatives, but I always believe it's good to get some kind of reward for hard work, as long as you make it affordable to many people. Maybe you could make PopMan "donationware"? Just set up a link to a Paypal-page, and you'll never know what you're gonna get (free to Forrest Gump). Include this link as a button, and don't forget to include a link to this forum, as I requested here.

Looking Good

Posted: 28 Apr 2006, 11:37
by PostScript
Glad to see the selective delete feature. Looking forward to putting the new beta through some tough daily use. :)

Posted: 30 Apr 2006, 09:14
by skorpix38
Congratulations, Christian !
Popman is now close to perfection... Been using it, along with other "slimwares",
since version 1.22.
It does beat unsecure "fatwares" like MS OutlookExpress, which have caused
so much trouble to several of my newbie acquaintances...
Just GREAT !

Posted: 02 May 2006, 07:16
by J.Bl
Nice new features.

Thank you.


PopMan 1.3 Beta 12 released

Posted: 02 May 2006, 22:50
by Tezzer
Many thanks Christian.

A program well worth having.

Keep up the good work.

Tezzer :wink:

Posted: 03 May 2006, 00:29
by supreme
Great! You are the best... thanks.

Posted: 03 May 2006, 05:18
by Tommy
beta 12 rocks!!! :)