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Sorting issue

Post by BubbaX »

It's not a biggie but when PopMan starts up, the messages are correctly sorted less than half of the time. I sort by time received - there's the faint down arrow on that column. Sometimes none of the columns have that arrow and PopMan is sorting by some criteria that I can't figure out - it's not alphabetical or by account or by sender or by time...

I'll start logging and see if there's anything in the log files after a day or two but I just wanted you to know about this one.


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Post by Christian »

I can't reproduce this here. I use the "account" column for sorting, which means: emails are sorted by account first and emails of the same account are sorted by the time received.
Do you have the same misbehaviour, if you use this "account" sorting?

Or can anyone else confirm this?
Christian Hübner
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