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SPAM Email(s) Causing 1502 Errors

Posted: 20 Jan 2019, 17:33
by jasinwa
Over the last week, my wife has been receiving spam with something odd in the header (either bad chars in the 'Subject' line or 'To' line...they can look odd).

The other accounts in pop man have not received that type of spam yet but when I check the offending email in my regular email program (which I use pop man to avoid!), it comes up and i see those oddish chars...

a. the email appears in outloook if I want it to.
b. I tried another checker "pop peeper" and it also allows me to view/delete it as pop man normally would.
c. pop man gets some type of 1502 (or 1501??) failure (will verify next time it occurs).

I can attach an EML file which is this offending email saved from outlook - but the forum says the extension is "invalid"! oh well...

Re: SPAM Email(s) Causing 1502 Errors

Posted: 21 Jan 2019, 02:49
by jasinwa
yes, it is 1502.

"invalid server response; ErrCode 1502"

from the account with offending emails.