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Notification tip display

Post by darby »

First of all, best danks for this nice program

I particularly appreciate the notification tip which display the name and subject and there I got trouble :

I tried to tweak the options of the notification, which are not so clear to me. None of them appear to be effective. The only method I found is to let the program start at windows start. The option "ballon tips" also seems not to change anything.

I didn't find any post about this so it may be that I did something wrong, but it maybe not.

Popman 1.2.1
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Post by Christian »

On the options' "Notification" tab, there are 3 settings affecting the notification tip:

- Show new mail tip: Enables/disables the notification tip
- Include sender and subject of new mails: If this option is disabled, the notification tip shows a list of the accounts having mail
- Use ballon tip: If this option is enabled, the standard Windows ballon tip is used to display the notification. This option is not available on Win9x!

Do you still have trouble with this and if so, can you describe the problem more precisely?
Christian Hübner

Post by darby »

ballon tip : I still don't know how it should work. By activating this option, I don't see no more tip on new mail! When I right-click on the icon, I see how many mail per account there is.

Without ballon tip, it's working (a small rectangular yellow windows automatically appear with detail of each message).

Post by Guest »

darby wrote:When I right-click on the icon, I see how many mail per account there is.
when I LEFT click!
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