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No alt-text in Browser when Popman is running

Posted: 27 May 2005, 10:51
by Arjan
Here´s one bug: when Popman is running and you´re using a browser at the same time (tested with Internet Explorer), the browser doesn´t show the Alt-text on images and hyperlinks. If you shut down Popman, everything is working fine!


This only happens when there is a new mail

Posted: 27 May 2005, 10:55
by Arjan
This only happens when there is a new mail and the tray-icons shows the number.


Posted: 27 May 2005, 12:18
by Christian
I can only reproduce this behaviour, if the "flash keyboard light" option is enabled. When new mail arrives, PopMan makes the keyboard light flash by simulating the key press on the scrolllock button every 300 miliseconds. But pressing a keyboard button will make tooltips disappear.
Therefore, the behaviour that you describe is not a bug, it's a side-effect (toggling the keyboard light requires pressing a keyboard button).


Posted: 27 May 2005, 21:13
by Arjan
Thanks for your quick respond!
You were right, I've solved this one! Thanks.

I installed Popman yesterday as a replacement for my old mail checker (MMM - Magic Mail Monitor) and I really love your program! Keep up the good work....