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Posted: 07 Oct 2007, 10:34
by Jeroen
I collected all, or probably most, of our "wishes" in this list. Before posting a new request, please check if it's not already in this list. I will try to update this list with every new release, so it will stay up-to-date!

* Show linktargets of links in email in the status bar
Show the linktarget of links in an email in the status bar. This might be an effective help against phishing! From beta 17, some links are shown as a tooltip. I think it's a lot easier to show ALL links in the statusbar...

<strike>* Whitelist</strike> (beta 16)
No matter what rule you define, whenever an address is in the whitelist, it will NOT be marked for deletion or deleted at all!

* "Mark all messages as read" option (a button)
Just a simple button, which will mark all messages for deletion (or delete them, according to your settings). From beta 16, you can mark all messages as read or unread by right-clicking the tab. If you don't use tab view, this doesn't work. So in my opinion, this needs some work...

* Leave the notification window open
Add an option to keep the notification window open, until OK (or whatever) is clicked.

* Show last date/time mail was checked
Show the last date and time the mail was checked in the popup window in the traybar.

* Save settings manually
Add a function "Save settings" (for example under the Tools menu), which stores all Popman settings into the registry or INI-file (according to settings)

* Copy email address to clipboard
An extra function that will copy the senders email address of the currently selected message onto the clipboard. Can be added to the right mouse button menu in the main view.

<strike>* Notification sound per account or mail address (filter rule)</strike> (beta 16)
It would be nice to HEAR if someone special sends you an email. Just a filter rule that will play another sound for that mail. No special mail: play the default sound. Special mail: play that sound!

<strike>* Mute mode</strike> (beta 16)
An option where Popman would still check for mail, but make no sound when new mail arrives.

Posted: 05 Nov 2007, 18:27
by Christian
Jeroen, I think you have to update this list a bit. 8)

Posted: 12 Nov 2007, 08:59
by Jeroen
Christian wrote:Jeroen, I think you have to update this list a bit. 8)
I will ... could you enable the bbcode 'strike through' in the forum software?

Posted: 12 Nov 2007, 10:28
by Christian
I don't know how to enable this for BBCode but you can use the strike HTML tag for this:

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