whitelist, auto delete spam

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whitelist, auto delete spam

Post by bobhedin » 12 Jan 2004, 16:47

While nothing as yet is a perfect solution to spam, I'd like to suggest 2 small features that may help.

This is based on a premise anything not actually addressed to the user is likely spam.

1. Permit a user established 'whitelist' identifying senders who legitimately e-mail to to an address other than one of those set up in PopMan Accounts.

2. Provide the user an option to auto delete anything not actually addressed to the user after they build their 'whitelist'.

I realize some legitimate e-mails may get dumped since they are not addressed to one of the PopMan accounts. That is why I leave it to the user to determine when to invoke item 2.

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Post by Christian » 12 Jan 2004, 19:50

This whitelist feature seems to be a useable approach, but I think autodeleting emails is somewhat radical and dangerous.

Instead, there must be a way to visually separate suspicious spam mails from normal mails. Maybe there should be two different mail lists: one for your normal, unsuspicious mail and a second for those emails considered as spam...
Having a separate spam list would also simplify deleting all spam mails with just one click! Any suggestions?

Btw: I've changed the subject of your posting because "Feature request" wasn't very descriptive. :wink:
Christian Hübner


White list vs. Separate upload

Post by mycatesplace@rogers.com » 14 Mar 2004, 15:13

The separatation of supposed spam into a separate window could also facilitate adding these addresses to a blacklist if there was a feature to do bulk adds to the blacklist
(i.e. add all the highlighted address to the blacklist)

I don't know if this would work or be feasible.

P.S. Christian - keep up the good work. It is impressive that you respond to each issue as well as send an email to anyone who raises an issue. Thank you!!!! :P :lol: :!:

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