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Maximized window on entering

Posted: 05 Dec 2006, 14:22
by konrado
I use PopMan 1.3 beta and is very satisfied. Thanks for a good program!
However I would like to automatically get a maximized window when starting so I can view a larger part of the text in the messages. Now I have to maximize manually each time. Also, in this maximized window, I would like to be able to set permanently a wider room for the date. Now, only half of the date is visible unless I manually draw the border to the right. Best regards. /Ove

Maximized window on entering

Posted: 16 Dec 2006, 17:54
by tengvilla
Try this one;

Right-click the PopMan icon -> Properties -> Shortcut -> Run (dropped down menu and select) Maximized or Normal window

Maximized window on entering

Posted: 16 Dec 2006, 19:50
by konrado
Thanks for the suggestion. However, the only icon I have is at the lower right corner near the clock and there is no shortcut choice there. I tried to add /maximize to the name of the file but that would mean a change of the file name.- I guess I have to change somthing in the ini-file, but what? - It would be nice to be able save the settings after having changed sizes and other things in the windows that comes up on clicking on the tray icon with a figure telling how many messages I have waiting on the server.

Maximized window on entering

Posted: 16 Dec 2006, 20:15
by tengvilla
The Popman icon in your Startup is the Popman options Popman -> Tools -> Options -> (yours was enabled) Check mail for new mail in startup.

You don't have to change anything. I would suggest is to re-download Popman 1.3 Beta 13. Uninstall your Popman and re-install the Popman 1.3 Beta 13.

After re-installing, go to your Popman -> Tools -> Options and enable which ever you like.

Posted: 17 Dec 2006, 09:59
by Christian
Usually, PopMan automatically saves all the window settings, including size, maximzed state and column widths. I don't know why it doesn't work for you.

Please post the content of the [MainWindow] section of the PopMan.ini file. Mine looks like this:

Code: Select all

Note, the Maximized entry, that tells the PopMan window to startup in maximzed state, if set to 1.

If you do not have a PopMan.ini file in the PopMan folder, than you first have to create an empty file "PopMan.ini" and restart PopMan.