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new tab calls "Trash"

Posted: 03 Nov 2006, 21:27
by redder
i need a new tab for the Trash which contains all the mails what i (or my Rules) marked to delete. what do you think Christian can i remove a letter from trash if i changed my mind? ;o) and ive got an extra request, a special column calls "reason" (for Anti-Spam Dictionary makers :)) which filled something like that: "Subject contains "viagra" -> Mark For Delete".

keep up the good work, its an excellent app!!!

thx all!!

Posted: 05 Nov 2006, 21:53
by Tommy
what do you mean "special column called resons for antismpa disctionary makers"?

Posted: 05 Nov 2006, 23:14
by redder
the normal tab have a lot of colums for example subject, size, received, account ect. but the new tab, the Trash have all of these plus a new column calls reason.

right now if your Rules put a mail in the trash this letter is gone! you cant see who was the sender, what was the subject or what was the badword which caused the deletion itself. so maybe the letter contained the "viagra", "sex" or "enlarge" words - so it will be a good feedback.

is it clear now? sorry, english is not my native language...

Posted: 06 Nov 2006, 13:55
by Christian
By now, you can remove mails from trash! But you must have unchecked the View menu item "Hide Marked Messages" in order to see the messages that have been marked for delete, and press the "Insert" keyboard button (next to the delete button) to unmark it.

Posted: 06 Nov 2006, 16:49
by redder
its a bit tricky i think but its good to know, thx! i can do what i suggested and this is the main thing! :)