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Alternative log

Posted: 23 Apr 2006, 13:24
by Jeroen

I just turned on logging, hoping to see the results of some of the rules I created. The log grows very fast, because everything is entered in the log, including the complete messages. This makes the log very unusefull in my eyes. I suggest to create an alternative log option, which shows the following:

<date> <account> <from> <to> <subject> [<action taken>]

For example:

23-04-2006 jeroen "test subject" [received]
23-04-2006 jeroen "spam mail" [marked for deletion by rule]
23-04-2006 jeroen "subject?" [deleted by rule]
23-04-2006 postmaster to:postmaster@xxx.yyy "whatever" [received]
23-04-2006 postmaster to:postmaster@xxx.yyy "reason" [deleted by user]

It might be an idea to make this switchable, so the user can choose which form of logging is preferred.

Posted: 23 Apr 2006, 20:36
by Christian
Yes, you are right: a somewhat improved log functionality would be useful!
I will think about this...