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Proxy setting

Post by DD » 31 Mar 2004, 09:03


Thanks for a great program.
I would like to use it at work. We have to go through a proxy with user ID (login and pw are requested to access the proxy)

It would be great to incorporate these parameters in a future release:

[ ] use proxy
Proxy IP:
Port : 0000
[ ] authentication needed
login: _______________
password: ************

Thanks !

-- DD

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Post by paulba » 12 Nov 2005, 01:26

Is this option ever going to be implimented?

I have been using Popman for quite a while and would like to continue to use it but I am now in the situation that all trafic goes through an authenticated proxy, so I need the option added.

Any Ideas if/when this might happen (the original request is over 18 months old with no reply).



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Post by Christian » 16 Nov 2005, 17:45

Is this option ever going to be implimented?
I'm not sure. It's no easy thing to do.

Do you use a SOCKS5 proxy? If yes, the following tool provides a work around: ... /index.asp

If you have an HTTP proxy, a tool called "HTTPort" might help you:
Christian Hübner

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