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Post by pman »

Hi Christ,

How do i delete any unwanted attachment automatically like .pif, .bat, .scr etc...?
*** actually i received a lots of files like .pif .hqx .bhx .mim (100+ per day).

Thanks in advance.
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Post by Jeroen »

I think it should be possible, but not advised, to use a rule like this:

Mail contains any of {".pif", ".bat", ".scr", "etcetera"} -> MarkForDelete

This rule should check the raw source of the message, and the attachment should be somewhere in there. So this rule should mark those messages for deletion. Be aware that it marks ALL messages containing this text for deletion, also the messages with, for example, the sentence "I watched Spiderman.Batman is a better movie" :wink:
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Post by Christian »

You are right, Jeroen!

But you can extend the rule to make sure that there is at least an attachment:

Mail contains any of {".pif", ".bat", ".scr", "etcetera"} AND
Mail contains all of {"Content-Disposition: attachment", "Content-Type: application/octet-stream" }
-> MarkForDelete

So you will have to look at the source of some unwanted mails to find the patterns...
Christian Hübner
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Post by Tommy »

thank you again Christian. this "rules" feature is awesome!!!! POPMAN RULES!!!
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Post by Tommy »

hey folks, watch this topic about an antispam idea i had this morning: viewtopic.php?p=960#960
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