Am I using blacklist correctly?

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Am I using blacklist correctly?

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I'm using the PopMan version downloaded from (Version 1.3.1). I have added several entries to the blacklist and messages are not deleted as they come in. My Blacklist.dat file is in the folder PopMan/Data. Is the correct place for it to be? Is there something else I need to do to have PopMan access this file?

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Re: Am I using blacklist correctly?

Post by Buddel »

Hi and welcome, mlp,

Your blacklist entries should look like this:
  • domain:
My blacklist.dat file is located here: C:\Users\Buddel\AppData\Roaming\PopMan
(OS: Windows 10 32-bit Home Premium)

No problems here, but I cannot comment on the portable version of PopMan. Maybe there are differences between this version and the PopMan version that comes with an exe file to be installed on your machine (this is what I have been using for many years without any problems).

Hope this helps.

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