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Steven Avery
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Gmail settings

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After a fairly extensive search (there are about 20 programs in this genre, I downloaded about 5) I decided that for my use, a company where 3 people are watching for new orders coming in, PopMan looks like the best gmail notifier. Just trying it out now. I liked the PortableApps recommendation.

Looking, I found that most of the choices were either obsolete abandonware, not free, or having certain quirks like allowing multiple instances or complex installation with skins, or notifications that faded away and/or multiple notifications where a skin provided a second notification. My choice of the sound file was a necessity as well, and I quickly found a banjo wav. Also I like the taskbar as the point of action, this is a mission-critical situation and system (notification) trays are too small and quirky. And the forum here is a big plus, even if currently a little quiet.

And I think one thing that is very helpful, and not immediately obvious on setup, is the normal Imap Gmail settings.
This post may help. the settings worked fine.


Protocol: IMAP4rev1 (SSL)
Port: 993
User name: Your complete GMail email address, e.g.
Password: Your GMail password

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Re: Gmail settings

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Salut, Hello,
To access gmail as POP or IMAP, it is neccessary to find this page in gmail :
"Authorize the applications less secured to reach your account"
and enable that.
Then all begin OK !
Thanks, thanks...
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