Suppresing my favorite list in WHITELIST.dat

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Suppresing my favorite list in WHITELIST.dat

Post by tengvilla »

Hi Christian,

How do you suppress your WHITELIST.DAT list temporarily without deleting your favorite list cause I'll be out of the country for the whole month while my home computer is always on 24/7. NOTE: PopMan is enable in my tray.

What character sign do i put; i.e. "|, \, /, ||, //, ||" to put in front of my favorite list to suppress reading the WHITELIST.DAT when PopMan retrieve messages?

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Post by Christian »

I don't really understand what you want, but you can disable the WhiteList by simply renaming the WhiteList.dat file. The next time PopMan starts up, it will use an empty WhiteList.
Christian Hübner
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