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Order of Importance in Rules

Posted: 21 Oct 2006, 18:41
by tengvilla
Hi Christian,

Which rules takes precedence or the order of importance when using RULES.TXT "Read, NotNew, MarkForDelete, Delete".

Does "Read, NotNew, MarkForDelete, Delete" negate one another when using one of "Read, NotNew, MarkForDelete, Delete"?

I ask this cause I might have some duplicate(s) in some of my rules that might nullify the rules I made specially the RULES.TXT "Delete". I know you caution users the "Delete" options carefully.

Posted: 21 Oct 2006, 20:40
by Christian
Think of "Read, NotNew, MarkForDelete, Delete" as labels that are assigned to a message. So, if there is at least one rule that adds the label "Delete" to a message, that message will be deleted (therefore possible other labels have no meaning).