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IMAP Purging?

Posted: 07 Oct 2006, 22:50
by sumistev
We're having an issue with IMAP and PopMan 1.3. We use Popman to check 4-5 IMAP accounts by multiple people -- Whenever we delete a message, it gets marked for deletion (both by popman, Outlook Express whenever we connect, and the web mail). However, whenever we empty the trash, popman doesn't actually delete it -- We have to go back to Outlook Express and purge the boxes.

Is this a limitation, or is this supposed to work, or are we doing something wrong?


(It works fine we delete something and then choose empty trash while setup as Pop3, by the way.)

IMAP4 plugin updated!

Posted: 08 Oct 2006, 15:00
by Christian
This was a limitation until now. I've updated the IMAP4 plugin to provide an new option called "Expunge".

When set to "true", the plugin will delete all messages that have the \deleted flag on disconnection. When set to "false", all deleted messages remain on the server (flagged as deleted).

To change this option, go to the account and click on the small "..." button right to the protocol dropdown box, e.g. my settings are:

Code: Select all

Mailbox = "INBOX";
UseSearchCmd = "true";
IgnoreMailboxNotExisting = "false";
TLS = "true";
Expunge = "true"
Just download the updated IMAP4 plugin and replace the old ProtocolIMAP4rev1.dll in the Plugins directory.

Please try it and tell me if it works...

IMAP Purging?

Posted: 12 Oct 2006, 01:43
by tengvilla
Hi Christian,

I got the same problem with SUMISTEV on my Compuserve account. I just followed your advised and downloaded the updated IMAP4 plugin.

It work, Christian, YOU'RRRRRRRE THE MAN.

Thanks again!!!!!!

Posted: 17 Oct 2006, 20:16
by sumistev
I've implemented this on our network -- I'll keep monitoring it. Seems happy, though.