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Beta 13 / 1.3 Final ?

Posted: 23 Aug 2006, 07:49
by Jeroen
Hi Christian,

Still developing PopMan? It had been very silent for the last few months, and since the first beta of PopMan 1.3 (beta 1, 2004-11-01) has been released for almost two years ago, it might be time for another (beta) release?

I noticed a lot of suggestions and feature requests on the forum, can you inform of the status of these?

For example:

Rules for specific accounts
Alternative log
Forum link
Compy email address to clipboard
Mark all messages read
Linktexts/Linktargets in HTML-Emails
Notification popop

And of course many others...


Posted: 25 Aug 2006, 01:59
by Christian
Hi Jeroen!

Yes, I am still developing PopMan, although I haven't had much time recently. But when you check for an update, you will find Beta 13 is out right now! It's only a minor update in order to fix a bug, that crashes PopMan whenever you hide/show the preview pane (using the options dialog's View tab). Strange, that no one has found this bug before!

I hope I will have some time to implement some of the feature requests in the next months...

Posted: 12 Oct 2006, 17:58
by Tommy
nice. i'm happy to see the devolopment of this wonderful app is still in progress.

do you think next update will be a 1.3 beta 14 or a 1.3.1 final?

when do u plan this update?

Posted: 12 Oct 2006, 20:33
by Christian
The next update will be a 1.3 beta 14.
But I can't really tell you when this will happen, maybe next month...

Posted: 02 Nov 2006, 22:28
by Tommy
could you please give us a preview of the new beta?

what should we expect? nbugfixes or new features?

Posted: 18 Nov 2006, 13:24
by Tommy
hi Christian, almost a month passed by.

do you have any news of the future developments of my favourite email checker?

Posted: 19 Jan 2007, 06:14
by Tommy
sorry for keep bothering you about this, but i'm curious to know if you are still working in the development of a new PopMan beta version?

Posted: 19 Jan 2007, 23:52
by Christian
Yes, there will be a new Beta version some day, but currently I'm very bussy with my studies. So I can't tell you when the next update will come...