Privacy question: where does PopMan store the email?

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Privacy question: where does PopMan store the email?

Post by popcerize » 13 Apr 2006, 13:19


I would like to know exactly what happens to an email message when using PopMan. When it downloads the mail header and gives a notification, has it actually downloaded the mail body at that point (assuming that preview is disabled), or does it only download the body when the message is previewed, opened or has its source viewed?

When the header is downloaded, and when the body is downloaded, this content is stored on disk in the "Application Data\PopMan\PopManLogFile.log" file. However, if you disable logging, this file is no longer used. Does the header and body get written to any other file, or is it all maintained in RAM?

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Post by Christian » 14 Apr 2006, 11:08

By default, PopMan only downloads the first 200 lines of a message, but you can make PopMan to always download the entire message (Accounts > Your Account > Advanced).

When you try to open an attachment of a message that is not yet loaded completely, PopMan reloads the entire message from your mail server (this is indicated by a dialog with progress bar).

The PopManLogFile.log is just a log file, so its content is not used by PopMan. Therefore, the messages are maintained in RAM.

The file MailCache.dat contains the signatures of all current messages and their unread/read state.
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