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by DanesDK
24 Sep 2006, 09:35
Forum: Announcements
Topic: PopMan 1.3 Beta 13 released
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Sure is a nice software.. I have been using PopTray for many years now, but it was starting to give me an error 10054 all the time.

I then started to look for something else, and found this.. And it rocks.

by DanesDK
23 Sep 2006, 22:08
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: "Last Checked" in Tray Icon
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"Last Checked" in Tray Icon


I think that it would be nice, if it was possible to get
a "Last Checked" in the Tray Icon.

So that it would look like this when you move the mouse over the
tray icon.

No messages - Last checker xx:xx (hour:min)

Thanks for a nice software
by DanesDK
22 Sep 2006, 19:25
Forum: General
Topic: Danish Translation for V1.3 Beta 13 (Updated 25.09.2006)
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Danish Translation for V1.3 Beta 13 (Updated 25.09.2006)

For those danish people using this great software..

You can download the Danish Translation here.. I made this today.
If there is anything that need to be changed, please PM me..

Updated 25.09.2006 @ 09:05 -